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What it costs ?

Commitment to learn!
We value your time and efforts. As this program focuses upon an individuals capacity to learn and improvise on it, it is very necessary that the candidate gives his/her best cooperation and commitment to help us make them take the opportunity and take away as much benefits as he/she wishes to.

We value the importance of being an organized individual. Candidates are required to adhere to the best practices and rules laid by the company in order to enable us to turn them into pure professionals and be ready to mingle up with the corporate environment and expectations.

Hard work!
Hardwork spotlights the character of people. Some turn up their sleeves, Some turn up their noses. Some never turn up at all - Sam Ewing

Hardwork doesn’t guarantee success, but improves the chances - B.J. Gupta We have a chance for all the people who can turn up their sleeves!

3 Months !
Rupees: 20,000 /-

Note: The package pricing may vary based upon candidature and any special packages designed for institutions / universities